[Video] Money Baby Remix (Dir. By @CrishonneGivens) - @thefisforfried

I feel the need to clear up the rumors right now... 'In My Mind' is NOT the tape that's dropping this summer.
Fab Five EP is! Yes it's true as well, I AM BRINGING LONDON TO CHICAGO!!!! 
None of that matters though, to me at least.. 
I been working on giving you the greatest fab five collection for damn near three summers now, and its a constant struggle with picking the correct records. Due to the fact that I don't stop recording isn't helping us either man haha.... But peep, all 5 of the tracks that are making the tape are original records. So don't be surprised. As for shits like Money Baby X other freebies I've yet to release. 
It's all for the sport! 
So enjoy these jawnts... Cuz this summers OURS!


[Video] @FewCobb - One Beer Freestyle

This nigga got GHOST after the More Cool Shit record! Nah, sonson had to put that work in, now he blessing niggas with them cool brew flows. Few linked up with Victorious Villains own and the homie Jerome for the visual for 'One Beer'. On here the homie Few spits over a MF DOOMS track,
 my nigga made this batch his batch! Check him out and also follow!

Twitter: @FewCobb
Instagram: WeTheVillains


[Video] @Juan_Haze - Juan McFly [Directed By @IAmSeanPain]

Blood making major noise... Nigga did 900+ in 24Hrs
 Shoutout The "Shorty Bop Kings" And "Bop Queen Tati" for the cameos!

[Artwork] @FewCobb - One Beer [Prod. By MF DOOM]

Coming sooner than soon!

[Music] Lil Homie - Pre [Directed By @CrishonneGivens]

New Video by Lil Homie (@LilHomie_Doe) directed by Crishonne Givens (@crishonnegivens). Last video was flagged down after reaching 1, 486 views.   S/O all the blogs and people who watched and supported. More visuals coming soon. 

[Video] @FareGames - Heir Trill [Prod. By Cripla X Dir. By @CrishonneGivens]

Here is the latest visual from Chicago artist Fare Games entitled "Heir Trill" directed by Crishonne Givens (produced by Cripla). Heir Trill is the first single from Fare Games' next project Ghetto Dreams set to drop later this Spring. The title "Heir Trill" refers to Fare Games acknowledging the fact that he has a while before he's next up to the throne but that he indeed plans to be in the running, so for now he is the Heir to the Trill. Enjoy the video and thanks in advance for your support, it is much appreciated.

Twitter: @FareGames
IG: @FareGames

[Music] JFK - The Hunger For More [Produced By Black Metaphor]

In the midst of 'Chi-Raq' being released it seems Chicago is now at the forefront of the new generation of rap. I mean lets be honest, Chicago is extremely influential in what is going on in the rap game right now. JFK took the initiative to released his cover of Lil Bibby's "Water", apparently he is gearing up for a new mixtape titled "In My Mind". There is no telling where you this track will be placed at the end of the night but all we know is its FREE!


[Video] J.F.K X L.S.F Presents - Grounded [Directed By @CrishonneGivens]

Grounded is more than just a song about a kid finding his way and taking a route that differed from his peers. Grounded is the story of one who was once lost in his ways, one who has vowed to never go back. 
Happy Anniversary "Venting"

[Photos] - The Come Up

Just to name a few.. Thank You


[Music] Tell Me - @officiallybrill

Fake Shore Drive aint the only ones who show Save Money's own love. Back with another one, my brother Brill has only one question for the ladies this time around Tell Me!


PSA From JFK - #Grounded Video Release Date X #Season21 Release Date Revealed!

In case you missed it or you just live under a rock, last night "The Emphasis" along with 'Care Package' itself was posted on one of Chicago's up and coming blogs The Lab3L. Along with the posting of The Emphasis X CP, The Lab3L also revealed something not even WE knew! JFK will be releasing his what is now highly anticipated EP titled 'Season 21' on his birthday March 23rd. No clue yet on exactly what platform the tape will be released on, but he assures you that it will hold us all over until his debut indie album 'DRIVEN2: Tunnel Vision' drops sometime this year.